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Lots of time has passed.  Emma is starting 3rd grade, and Emily is in pre-school. John now works down at the Sprint campus, and is about to graduate college in October.  He is on the 15 year plan.  Crystal is still working at KUMed. Hope to be able to update this more frequently.  



Lots of stuff has happened.  John got straight A's this semester.  Emily was in the hospital for two weeks with bacterial meningitis.  She is fine now.  Emma has been doing her dance and gymnastics still.  Crystal has started back to work.  Christmas was good, Emily got  a sweet baby chair and a bouncer.  Emma got a bike, and a snow cone maker.  Crystal got a Rebel XSI and John got a computer desk.  Everything is still going good.



Baby Emily Jane has arrived.  She is still getting used to her room, and all that jazz.  Emma is a proud big Sissy.  Mommy is recovering well and will be enjoying a few months off work.  John is back to school, finishing his degree.  Currently he averages 90 percent in every class.



Crystal is pregnant.  Baby is due early October.

We have a new dog named Katie.

Emma just started piano lessons and is also learning guitar.  She also is in gymnastics and is getting really good.  She will be starting kindergarten in the fall.

John just installed Windows Vista on the family computer and is liking it a lot.



The family bought a new car.  A brand new Toyota Corolla.  The gas prices were getting too high.  Everyone is still hanging in there.  We bought a digital camera so hopefully pictures will come up a bit quicker.



The family is doing great.  Emma is in the 3-5 year old class now at school, and is doing super.  She is fully potty-trained, and has been helping out a lot more around the house.  She talks very well, and enjoys talking on the phone, even if no one is on the other end.  She is learning how to play drums, and piano.

Crystal has taken a part time job at St. Luke's hospital in the ICU there, so she is working 4 days a week now.  She is also on the practice council and is leading teams at KU to help improve the team.  She is becoming a wonderful nurse, and gets lots of recognition from her peers as well as patients.

John has been doing good at work.  He is going to take some time off to have back surgery on June 14th.  He has 3 herniated discs and they are causing him some pretty bad pain.  He will have a small titanium plate slapped on his next, so that is an added bonus.  He will soon be invincible and no one will be able to stop him.  He did say that he would use his powers for good and not evil, so that's cool.

Also, the house is coming along nicely.  John has finished the new recreation room in the basement, and is currently working on adding the 3rd bathroom.  The family spends a lot of time in the new recreation room watching the big screen and listening to surround sound.  John is also learning how to be an incredible handyman and needs his wife to buy him a lot more power tools and a work shed in the backyard so he could be even better.



The family has moved to Smithville during the spring.  They are working on getting their new house put together.  Emma has started Montessori school and is doing good.  Crystal is a nurse at the Neurosurgery Dept at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

John now works at the PCS side of Sprint.  It's pretty cool.



It has been a while.  There is a lot of new things going on.  First, Emma is 10 months old now.  She is starting to walk, and she can say DADA.  She has a playgroup that she attends every other week and she likes dogs.  This school semester, she is going to be attending daycare at Ms. Tina's house.  She likes it there.

Crystal is getting ready for her final semester of school.  Not much else is new.

John is still working and will have to keep working for another 40 years.



Emma is home.  She is going great!!  We are taking lots of movies and pictures, so they will be up soon.



Emma Grace Chevalier was born September 27th, 2003.  She was born at 8:28pm.  She was 3 pounds 15 ounces.  She was born 8 and a half weeks early so she has to stay in the hospital to get bigger.  Currently she is 4 pounds 4 ounces and she is doing awesome!!  She should be coming home any day now.

Crystal is taking some time off work to care for Emma, but she is still going to finish her semester in school.

John is still working and spending his free time at the NICU visiting Emma and holding her as much as possible.

Both proud parents are awaiting the day when little Emma can come home and meet Pheryl.  They will have so much fun being a great family.



Happy new year everyone!!  Crystal and John have been doing great.  They just got back from a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean.  They went to Key West, Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico.  They had a blast and cant wait till they get to go back.

Crystal started another semester of school.  She is making good grades.  She also received a promotion at work and is working hard.

John is still going to school and working.  Not much else.

Pheryl, stayed with her Aunt Chessie for a week while Crystal and John were out of the country.  She was very good and did not cause any problems.  She did tear the head off a kiss me bear that she shouldn't have but it's okay, accidents happen.



Crystal has been doing good in nursing school.  No major issues.  She also is working at the University of Kansas Medical Center as a nurses aid.

John has been working hard at Sprint.  He also is still going to college.

Pheryl has still been being a good girl.  She dressed up as a caterpillar for Halloween.

Please check out the picture page for 2 brand new links to pictures.



Crystal, is getting ready to start nursing school as Missouri Western.  She took the summer off to relax, before hitting the books again.  She is currently looking for jobs as a nurses aid.

John, is still working at Sprint.  He is also still attending classes at the junior college in town.

Pheryl, is been being a very good girl.  She has not chewed as many shoes up lately and she has been outside without her leash a lot.  She only runs away 1 out of every 10 times now.  She has been going to school at PETCO and hopes to graduate in July.



Crystal and John were married in June.

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